IMMERSE – games audio workshop

Feedback from Absolute Classics’ previous Games Music Composition Courses led to the development of a more intensive look at producing sound, music and audio for video games – IMMERSE.

The IMMERSE games music composition course brought nationally acclaimed professionals working within the innovative industries of interactive media, up close and personal for young people of Dumfries & Galloway to learn how to work with the latest technologies used in music and audio production and integration. Our course mentor was the amazing Scottish composer, arranger, sound designer, conductor, musician, voice actor, and arts producer who composes for film, games and concerts, and who also builds and designs interactive sonic art installations – Luci Holland
Jessica Curry of Everbody’s Gone to The Rapture and Classic FM fame noted Luci as one of the young games music composers to watch, and we were very excited to have her as our tutor and mentor for IMMERSE.

We also very excited to have secured Will Morton – Audio Director of Solid Audioworks as a guest lecturer. Will is the former Dialogue Supervisor & Senior Sound Designer for Rockstar North, and has been responsible for the award-winning dialogue and sound design for many high profile video games, most notably the Grand Theft Auto series.

The course was attended by a number of young people from across D&G with a wide variety of experience and interests in games audio, however they all commented that it was an enjoyable and valuable experience:

“I think it’s been really interesting for everybody to see the scope of audio in games – it’s not just music, you know there are other things going on as well. So yeah I think it’s been excellent. I’ve really enjoyed it and I hope that something like this happens again soon.”

I really enjoyed this week. It was very fun with all the activities in the workshop. It’s helped me realise that I’d quite like to do music at higher level, at university, etc. and as a long-term job. I’m rather interested in the concert at the end of the year, so that sounds quite fun. And it’s really just been a good experience overall, so thank you.”

“Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of the week for me was the open and discursive environment in which the course took place and it was incredibly reassuring to see how the original ideas that arose out of those discussions, no matter how ambitious or seemingly throwaway, were implemented in the final product. The course structure and teaching style was perfectly reflexive to both the interest and level of understanding of each of the participants, which is hugely impressive given the age range of all of those who took part.”


You can hear some of the compositions as you play the Grey Man game here…. (password = greymanners)

Protected: Grey Man (game)

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