2017/18 Games Music Composition Course – Concert

Absolute Classics’ second Games Music Composition Course culminated in March 2018 where the young composers worked with and directed an ensemble of professional musicians for their pieces to be played in a live performance for their friends, family and other students of Annan Academy. Their compositions together form an album they have called ‘Atmospheres – A collection of original ambient compositions’.

Some of the feedback about the course from the young composers include:

“I really appreciate everyone that has helped me and worked with me on my piece and it was really worth waking up for a 6th day of school for!”

“Overall, I really thought this experience was amazing. It allowed me to create something of my own that I never thought I’d have the ability to create. Composing music is something that seems so inaccessible and only for the select few, yet this project has really made me believe the opposite. Even if you think you could never create your own music, I definitely think this process makes it possible for everyone and I would encourage anyone who gets the chance, to do so.”

“The people who worked on this project with me have been amazing and have made the experience even better. Each piece is unique and different and I hope everyone appreciates how much hard work and effort has gone into making these pieces.”

“This composition project has been great fun, I have not only created my own piece of music, but I have made new friends and met a lot of amazing people.”

“I have always had an interest in music and was overjoyed when I heard that Luci would be coming back to Annan Academy after the success of the course last year.”

“It has not been an easy process and has been a lot more work than I first expected it to be however I feel as though it has been a valuable experience.”

A short video where the young composers talk about the experience can also be seen here:

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