Creating Stories Through Soundscapes – Fringe Workshop

As part of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Central Events Programme, Absolute Classics delivered an innovative workshop for performers called Creating Stories Through Soundscapes. The project was developed out of the feedback from the young participants of our previous composition projects and the Fringe Society’s panel of Young People were very keen to work with us as a partner in this year’s programme, for which they received an extraordinary number of applications.

Through our previous Education and Outreach Programme projects, we learned that we all have a story to tell and music is a powerful and meaningful form of human communication. Everybody understands sounds way before language and they are more direct, uncomplicated and honest than words. This workshop took participants through simple sound capture and manipulation techniques to explore shared experiences of performing at the Fringe. There were performers from a very diverse range of performance genres, and they worked in 2 groups to each develop a combined soundscape. It was very interesting to hear how their shared experiences were very similar…


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